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The Fuzzy Navel Lady

December 28th, 2014

Survey @ 12:20 am

Current Mood: complacent complacent
Current Music: London (live acoustic) - Vanessa Carlton

You're feeling: Tired, annoyed with certain people
To your left: Bed, desk, sterio, two shelves, CD rack, phone, closet
On your mind: Life, family, friends
Last meal included: Chili with cheese and crackers
You sometimes find it hard to: Understand people
The weather: Rainy and cold
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December 27th, 2014

Christmas 2014 @ 06:37 am


I'm probably going to sound ungrateful or any other word you want to use, but there's some things I need to get off my chest about Christmas.

For about the last ten years my family has done a family gift exchange for the adults. Basically you buy a gift for one person instead of everyone. I don't mind this because my family is pretty big and it saves money and time. Everyone still buys for the kids of course. So every year we have some type of game we play to exchange the adult gifts. This year was no different. My problem is the gift I ended up with. It's a shitty gift that I have no use for and can't really use. My gift was a mini marshmallow shooter thingie, a bag of marshmallows to go with it and a glass that says 'Remember To Be Awesome' on it. The person who got this gift for the exchange conveniently left the price tag on the marshmallow thingie ($14.99). Why? I suspect they thought the receiver wouldn't think they spent the required $25 on the gift. Even with the price tag on it I'm wondering if they actually spent $25 on the entire gift.

My problem is what adult in the world would want a marshmallow shooter thingie? I can tell you no one in my family would want it. I feel like the gift was a last minute thing with no real thought put into it. No one has ever given a child's toy in the adult gift exchange because we're not freakin' kids! What in the world am I going to do with it? Nothing. I have no use for it. Maybe if I was ten I might, but I'm not. I was so disappointed and upset, but of course I couldn't show it. I'm just having a hard time trying to understand why this person (and I know who bought the gift) bought it for an adult gift exchange.

Then my niece who always gets everyone a little gift didn't get me anything. She got gifts for everyone else. It's one thing if she didn't buy for anyone, but it's another thing to sit there and watch her pass out gifts to everyone but me. Again, I was disappointed and upset. Later I pulled her aside and ask her if she got me anything. Maybe I didn't have a right to ask and maybe I shouldn't have asked, but I felt it wasn't fair nor something you do. I was like, did I do something wrong? So she says that yes, she got me something, but she left it at home... because it was too fragile to bring. Already in my head I'm thinking, oh really? Yeah, right. What could be that fragile? Even as she was explaining I could tell that I sort of caught her off guard. So she says she made me an ornament. One of those clear glass ones that you pour paint into. I'm thinking THAT'S too fragile for you to bring? I call bullshit. I'm sorry, but I don't believe her. We got interrupted as she was talking to me and she never finished describing the ornament to me and said nothing more.

Also, I usually get some type of gift from my two little nieces/my sisters family. Nothing from them either. It was a craptastic Christmas gift wise. I know it's not about the presents. I did enjoy spending time with my family and eating delicious food. However, after being so disappointed by gifts I had a hard time enjoying the rest of the day. I planned out all these games for us to play and I just wasn't in the mood anymore. We did play the games, but I didn't really get into any of them until the last one which was both fun and funny.

I just felt let down over all. It's still bugging me. I know it shouldn't. It's done and over with. Meh.

November 5th, 2007

The Fuzzy Navel Lady